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Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/21

County Councillor’s Facebook Page

Councillor Phillippa Williamson, your County Councillor for Lancaster Rural North, has recently launched a new Facebook page.

Phillippa is a great advocate for the area and supporter of the Parish Council.  We are sure that you will find her page interesting and informative on issues that are important to you and to Over Kellet in general

Link to Councillor Williamson’s Facebook Page

Parish Council Meetings during Social Distancing Measures

Arrangements are currently in place for Parish Council meetings to be held remotely using video conferencing.

Members of the public are still very welcome to attend Parish Council meetings through the use of the video conferencing software.  If you would like to attend, please contact the Parish Clerk by email at clerk@overkelletpc.org to request details and a link and password to join the meeting.

COVID-19 Emergency

Standing advice

During the COVID-19 outbreak, all parishioners are urged to follow the official guidance issued by the Government and more local information and guidance provided by the City Council

View the Government’s Advice

View advice on the City Council’s website

Households have now received the following flyer from a specially established Over Kellet COVID-19 Support Team with advice on how to access advice and support locally.

At this time, please continue to be mindful of the position of any elderly or otherwise vulnerable neighbours, and offer to provide any assistance you can.

Latest updates

List of local businesses currently delivering supplies

Community support providers

Government Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp

MOT arrangements in the Covid-19 emergency