Report an Issue

The following links take you to services for reporting to Lancaster City Council (Streetscene) and Lancashire County Council (Report It) and the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership (Traffic Speed Concerns). 

If you report an incident using these services, please also inform the Parish Clerk.  Thank you.


Fly-tipping, graffiti, dog fouling, litter and bins.

‘Street Scene’ incidents can be reported directly online to Lancaster City Council.

You will need to supply your contact details and the location, nature and extent of the problem.  Depending on the issue, one or more photos can be added to help with the report. 

Report a streetscene issue

Highways (Report It)

Roads, pavements, cycle paths, public rights of way,  street lighting, traffic lights and flooding incidents (includes issues with trees and hedgerows)

Faults on roads, pavements, cycle paths, public right of ways, street lighting, traffic lights or flooding incidents can be reported directly online to Lancashire County Highways using their ‘Report It’ service.

The online service displays a map showing existing issues and their status enabling you to check whether to proceed with the report.

Report a highways issue

Traffic speed concerns

The Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has introduced a dedicated online service for reporting traffic speed concerns

Road Safety Partnership Home Page

Open the online traffic speed reporting service

Other issues

If you identify an issue but don’t know who to inform, please email the Parish Clerk